Easy Twine Wrapped Pot DIY

All you need is sixty minutes, some sisal rope/twine, plastic pot liners and a hot glue gun to create these simple, inexpensive and eye-catching pots. Each pot cost less than $3.50 each and if you are able to recycle items around your home the cost would be even less. I used cuttings from plants I already own. Philodendron and spider plants are easy to propagate. Of course, you can adapt this method for all sorts of pots and containers. Try wrapping twine or rope around terracotta pots, tin cans, glass jars etc. From here you have yourself some beautiful vases, planters, pots or standalone deco items. I am also experimenting with making ‘rope’ or ‘yarn’ from scrap fabric. Have fun, try not to burn yourself with hot glue and share your results with me in the comments!

Set of Three Wrapped Pots – Supplies

  • 8 inch plastic plant saucers
  • 100 feet 48 lb ½ inch sisal rope
  • Hot Glue Gun/Sticks
  • Indoor plants/soil
  • Scissors
  • Sixty Minutes


  • If your plant saucer has a lip, you can trim this off with scissors if you like. I did them both ways and it turned out just fine but I think cutting it off is easier and was less likely to create gaps around the top. You can also trim the plastic saucers to a custom height.
  • Decide if you want to cover the base of the pot. I covered the base on one of the three but not the others, in part because I would have needed more rope and it is not visible in the area I am using.
  • Do NOT plant the saucers first, like I did. ……. I dilly dallied around and need to pot the plants and couldn’t quite decide how to spruce up the bathroom initially. It made the process a bit more challenging but I still made it in an hour.
  • If wrapping the bottom, trace out a pattern on some paper and then start wrapping up the rope gluing a lot in the beginning and then less, little dabs every few inches until the circle of rope is one rope wrap larger than then the base. I put some additional glue all over the top to hold together and then stuck the sauce down on top. Now keep wrapping and gluing intermittently all the way up the pot.

  • To wrap the sides, glue down the end of the rope to the pot then start wrapping. I overlapped the rope slightly when all the way around the first time to hide the start. I glued a lot more at the base to get is secure so that I could wrap it tighter and quicker going up. Do not overdo the glue, you don’t need every inch attached. Wrap and glue. Wrap and glue.
  • To end the wrapping I overlapped about a ¼ inch and then cut a 3 -4 inch tail and tucked it down into the pot, gluing it inside. You could also tuck it under itself or just stop when wrapped and cover the end with some buttons or other doo dads.



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