Pots of Potatoes : Container Gardening

I did an experiment this year, planting some organic potatoes I had purchased that had sprouted eyes. Nothing to lose as though would be composted otherwise and not at risk of growing some weird GMO capsule, I put my sprouted potatoes in pots, and covered with dirt. Once the plants starting growing, I just covered up most the green leafy plant, repeating this until recently when the plants began to die back. When growing potatoes be careful to not over water and caution with free planting in a bed, you might have potatoes forever, they are harder to harvest and you risk slicing them with a shovel. Planting in a pot was really easy. I haven’t harvested them all, I could feel around in the dirt a few are still pretty small but so far, I have recouped at least the same number I planted and NO they aren’t the same ones. [sheesh!] I’d call it a win. Here’s an alliteration with more details –

Potato Process in Pictures

Sprouted potatoes, not all ended up growing

Big pot, layer of dirt and chicken supervision

Also planted them in a green ceramic pot, sprout/eye side up.

No, you do not need to use a cage for the plants, these are in the pots to keep the chickens out. They love digging up anything I just plant.

Now just wait…. And cover most of green plant with dirt. Wait. Cover. Water every now and then.

Viola! Not too shabby, although in total, not near as many potatoes as with real seedling potatoes. If it is potato planting time and I have some on my counter with eyes I will put them in the ground, but likely add in some official seedlings for greater yield. I am expecting about 3-5 lbs from about 1 lb of seedlings. Have you experimented with potatoes? There are so many ways to grow them….



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