Baby Prints : Crafts to do to your baby!

For our first arts and crafts time together, Bee and I made Valentine’s day cards and some fun baby prints. IMHO nothing is reeeeaaaalllly off limits (ok a few things) – hands, feet, fingers, buns, ears, bellybutton, nose – pretty sure at some point these will all be memorialized at our house. Whatever you choose – you can easily create thank you notes, framed art for nursery or art wall, keepsake ornaments and really above all, is just a fun sensory activity to do with your baby.

There is a family story of my little brother making “butt pwints” with a friend all over the sidewalk in their wet swimsuits –  inspired by family lore, an adorable baby tush and a mother’s need to traumatize her child, Bee and I created some art.


  • Washable non-toxic paint (if applying to glass or ceramic will need to use a different kind of paint)
  • Foam brushes
  • Plate for paint
  • Lots and lots of baby wipes or rags to clean up the craftermath
  • Adorably baby
  • Paper, stretched canvas, blank cards, tracing paper, yardstick or whatever
  • Sheet or we just used a pee pad that we line the changing area with.
Snapshot of supplies. We used our adoption profile book to tape the paper down too….


  • Rather than dip the foot into a plate of paint, I found sponging it on with a brush applied just enough to make a good mark. Reapply after each print for a similar color intensity.
  • Practice before making the real deal
  • Make more than one of the end product if you can (i.e. I made more than one of each card in case i messed up at a later point)
  • Talk with your baby about the colors, sensations etc
  • Tummy time! Laying baby down on tummy, painting the bottom and then pressing the paper (taped to a firm surface, like book) to their bottom is easier then pressing the baby down onto something. HOWEVER, this may change depending on the wiggle factor. In that case, this becomes a two person craft most likely
  • For the feet hearts, rather than rotate your baby or twist their foot to make the heart/v-shape, adjust the paper to the angle
  • For bum prints, clean off any diaper cream/ointment first
  • Plan a bath afterwards to get the paint out of all the toe crevices
  • Include yourself!
  • Take pictures of the final product. We have already started an digital album of art at eight tender weeks of age


Mom joining in the fun!
Sweet feet…..
Easy gift idea to use large scrap book paper; light trace with pencil the border of the frame, make foot prints inside the board (so that they don’t get cut off; trim to size and place in a frame…. can also use Modpodge to fix to a stretched canvas
Angle the card not the foot… Making Seahawks inspired hearts


We made Valentines and Thank you cards…
The card in the back is for a 49ers fan…. meh. 🙂
Cleaning up the crafter math…
Butt-erflies….. could also add dots to make ladybugs, use yellow paint and black for bees, on and on…..

A quick Pinterest search will reveal a plethora of hand and foot print ideas – sky is really the limit and no holiday can go uncelebrated with out and baby print. You know we will be making many more where this came from. Just a few for you…..

Happy Valentine’s Day! Bee’s first art exhibit ….. All About the Base (inspired by our trip to the SAM to see Andy Warhol); Bubbles, Tiny Bubbles and Butterfly I love you (a Marley shout out)


Share your favorite baby print ideas or photos!

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