Twine Art Orbs: Balloons, Twine, Glue, Go DIY!

Twine or string balloon decorations are an easy and versatile craft. Make a lot in a many sizes, hang them offset above a table and you have a chandelier, make smaller versions add some glitter and you have a simple holiday ornament or stay more traditional and recreate the delicate Easter Egg baskets using embroidery floss and a lot more patience.

First find a place where the balloons wound up with wet twine can hang and drip dry. I tied them to my cupboard over the sink, but you could set up a yardstick between two chairs and put a tarp down or do outside on clothes line etc.

Inflate some balloons to the the size you want. If you inflate less they will be more round vs. eggy. I then tied a string to the balloon tie so that I had it ready to go when it was time to hang and dry.

Get ready to wrap! I used bakers twine and Stiffy Fabric Stiffener but you can use regular craft glue, modpodge etc. Using a foil disposable pie pan, I unwound long lengths of twine and saturated in the Stiffy by letting it sit in the pie pan for a few minutes.

Now start wrapping! I suggest winding the wet twine atorun the balloon the long way, slowly moving and criss-crossing etc. Do as much of this or as little but I found about a half to one inch average open space worked the best.

Now dry! Hang the balloons wrapped in soggy twine up to dry. Maybe a few hours or longer. Just test it out.

balloon string ornament decoration dryingWhen all dry, pop the balloon. Be sure to watch as ours deflated in a pretty funny way and make a crinkly sound as the balloon separate from dried twine. Remove the balloon bits and you are ready to adorn al the things with them. popped sting balloon IMG_5199

Enjoy! Mine are hanging along side a window and one that was a bit wonkey I trimmed and it now sits proudly on a shelf. Window ornaments string ornament sitting on shelfAlways more than one way. Here are some other helpful links –

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