PEPper Prepper Party : Like a cookie exchange but with waterproof matches.

all the disaster memes (thank you, I take no credit other than collaging them)!

I do love a theme! The disaster preparedness party idea started this summer when one of parents in our PEPs group shared an article on being ready for 9.0 earthquake in our near future (remember time is relative). In my last professional position, disaster preparedness was one of my bailiwicks, and I must have just been in a mood but therein sparked the September get together with our awesome PEPs group. Seriously, salt of the earth and surprisingly many had some form of disaster kit or at least a hint of a plan “a bunch of water in our garage and hope for the best”, so there was actual enthusiasm to get together and update now that our families are bigger by at least one. That and we like hanging out, eating and letting our kids play together.  Our first annual (because you need to update your kits) PEPper Prepper party was this September, which is National Emergency Preparedness Month (#notacoincidence).

Snapshot of some our kit contents to share.

Host your own Prepper Exchange Party

  • Create a list of basic items for guests to sign up to bring. Some examples:
    • Non perishable food items (think soup, vegetables, fruit, peanut butter, powder milk)
    • Can opener
    • Corkscrews (just kidding, sort of)
    • Whistles
    • Thermal emergency blankets
    • Moist towelettes
    • Garbage bags and ties for personal sanitation
    • Household bleach (for cleaning or water purification)
    • Water purification tablets
    • Duct tape (because if you can’t duct it …… )
    • Candles or flashlights
    • Lighters, matches
  • Suggest a minimum quantity to share with each family
  • Have guests sign up to bring 1) a dish or drink to share (potluck!) and 2) preparedness items to share


You might also want to have people bring boxes or find some 5 galloon food buckets to store items in. On a whim, I asked our local PEPs office if they had any swag that would be appropriate for disaster kits. Surprisingly, they had the perfect tote for us – electric lime green! [thank you for the other items too!]

Fortune cookies aka hope in a disaster and note the jam – must make room in my pantry!

Congregate, eat food, play with reckless abandon, assemble kits.  Another in the group found a cute coloring book to download about Pepper the Prepper Cat. There are others but this was a better fit for our toddlers (big picture, not a lot of words, they just eat crayons anyways). I also found a spooky vegetable page, a homage to our veggie-phobic brood. However, the large punch balloons were the big hit. Note: we live dangerously, since the balloons are labeled for ages 8 and over.



Check out this awesome repurpose/hack to portion out bleach using Medela storage containers. The label with instructions makes me smile.


Some helpful resources for filling in the rest of your kit:

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