Just in Time Cupcake Stand: Easy DIY and UnDIY

Cupcakes! What is not to love? For me it was storing a cupcake stand that took up a lot of space for infrequent use.  Here is a simple way to make a tiered cupcake stand to hold just the right number of cupcakes, just when you need it and using just the plates you want to use that you can then disassemble when done. (this is my lean process improvement self talking).  All you need are:

  • pretty plates, varying sizes if you want
  • small bud vases or jars or candlesticks or ??
  • QUAKEhold museum gel (just ofllow its instructions)


I used my favorite jadeite plates to stack and some small bud vases in between. I don’t have a larger platter in my current set (on the hunt now) but still like how it turned out despite not  much size gradient. I created four tiers as I needed the stand to be pretty tall for little Bee’s birthday (save counter space) but you could also make a cake stand with just one plate and vase or jar or glass or candlestick (so many options!).

The stand was easy to assemble and after waiting 30 minutes for gel to set it was quite sturdy and ready to display the mini cupcakes. To UnDIY (aka take apart, just twist and remove the gel per instructions.

Have fun with museum gel! I will be mixing in different plates next time and might play around with some tea cups as well. Share pictures of how you use the gel or make tiered food stands!

Now that you own a jar of QUAKEhold gel, what else can you do with it?  Here is a blog with 20 ideas and another with even more.



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