February Challenge: Mindfulness

Good thing it was ‘on-timeness’ for February but better mid-March than never. For 2017 rather than make and promptly break resolutions, I am doing a different challenge each month.

January – Watch a TED Talk a day.

This was seriously fun! I am still watching a lot of TED. Here is that recap.

February – Mindfulness: Practice Practice. Every. Day.


My goal for February was to meditate every single day. I have started off and on over the last year or so, but decided to get more structured in my approach. I used the Headspace app (no they didn’t pay me or sponsor me etc) because I like the platform, approach, flexibility and offerings. I actually started this ‘habit’ partway through January, so my streak was over 28 days!

This was not easy. Admittedly, several of the meditation sessions were the sleep session and I am not sure I stayed awake to hear the end (but maybe that is good). But I was able to reach for this skill set a few times when feeling really uncentered.  I am continuing to focus on the basic skills of noting, visualization and awareness, in particular breath, which is one of the few things that we can control (mostly).

Coincidentally (or not) several other mindfulness activities found their way into my life. Firsta book to review on Modern Mindfulness, which in and of itself might come back as monthly challenge. Some nuggets in here!

Second – out of need/desperation/validation, consuming a book on “No Drama Discipline”, which relies on parental mindfulness, ability to move away from our reptilian brain all the while instilling this still in our youngsters. (while being judged by onlookers. hehe)

Third – my employer kicking off a leadership series on ‘conscious leadership’

Fourth – attending a positive parenting seminar (see above) on Taming the Tears featuring Laura Kastner.  Below is a collage of slide highlights – see the connections?


There are certainly more ways that mindfulness solutions/ideas found me in this challenge because it is really is all around us, both opportunity, evidence and need.

This is a challenge that is also being carried forward in a way in March.  Challenge = walk at least 10 minutes when I would otherwise be sitting on my duff (and take a picture). Perfect chance to be present. Stay tuned!




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