Magnetic Story & Busy Play Board DIY

DIY magnetic story and busy board

This DIY ‘simply’ involves a trip to the auto parts store, a drill, some nails/hooks and all the magnets you can stomach (figuratively, many magnets are total choking hazards).

  • At the auto parts store look for the world’s largest appearing cookie sheet, also known as oil drip pan. Select the least warped one.  They tend to bend pretty easy due to material and size, they will also feel a bit oily to the touch, so a good wipe down with a cleaner and rag is a good next step. Cost less than $15.
  • You could also use a cookie sheet, not the air/insulated kind though, and probably not from the auto parts store. Costco has some quite large simple sheets.
  • Drill two holes in the top edge of the pan, a few inches in from the right and left side and about 1/2 inch down from top edge. We used  a 3/8 inch drill bit.
  • Decide where you want to hang the metal board and use nails/screws or hooks to mount to the wall. You could also put holes at the bottom if you want to screw into the wall in four spots.Odds & Hens: Magnetic Story & Busy Play Board DIY
  • Originally I had wanted the logo imprint to be towards the bottom of the pan when hanging and then cover with fabric to make a pocket but forgot to communicate that detail to the hubs. Oops, no biggie. I just covered with a strip of busy fabric and hot glue.

Odds & Hens: Magnetic Story & Busy Play Board DIY

  • Glued a few magnets to the back of a large google eye, some pompoms and to a cardboard tube for some additional fun things to play with on the board.

Other drip pan inspirations:

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