Little Prince Quilt – Fit for a Sibling, Made for a Family


Three and half years ago I shared the Baby Royalty Quilt crafted for a good friend, with the surname King. Something at the time told me to save segments of the fabric from her daughter’s quilt in the event another princess/prince joined their family. Intuition, luck or the fact that I love seeing and use scraps in other quilts paid off. The King Family added another.  For this version, I integrated three of the original fabrics, adding in yellow and silver honeycomb fabric, chartreuse and deep olive solids and appliqued a similar crown (same pattern, smaller, sibling size). The design was simple, just varying lengths of 4 1/2 inch wide strips, sewn end to end and doubled up. This method is a favorite of mine because it never is the same, there is an element of surprise and is relatively quick – which is key, as my available sewing time is much less these days (for all the right reasons!). Some other examples of this method are the Daytime Striptease, Let the Sunshine In, Summertime Nappping,  Nightshade Napper,  Eamon’s Arrows, and Emrie’s Secret Garden.  Grosgrain ribbon loops on each corner are perfect for little baby gums and hang drying (because messes happen). I hope this quilt inspires many naps and tummytime sessions alike. It is light weight, no batting, making it easier to pack and wrap.


Little Prince – Royalty quilt
Little Prince, grosgrain ribbons on corners, flannel-backed

After finishing the prince’s quilt, I still had a little bit of fabric left. Thank goodness because I really fell in love with the calm, refreshing greens and of course, honeybee theme. I have had the silvery honeycomb fabric for a quite a while, waiting to put it into a special project or two. I pieced together left over strips and sections and then appliqued hexagons to spread out color, extend the theme and create a blanket for my newest nephew.


The ties that bind….

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