And so it begins ….

Every day I aim to learn something new, which invariably happens, given the wonderful people I have in my life: friends, family, co-workers, news anchors, cycle/yoga teachers and strangers (ok, some of them). My goal of blogging is a three legged stool. 1) learn and explore myself and the world around 2) entertain and (maybe) enlighten those around me and 3) experiment within this series of tubes, called the internets. Obvisouly, it is totally voluntary for all parties, but I hope people enjoy sharing in aliquots of my life . Staying true to myself  – I plan to focus on my hobbies (crafting, quilting, reading, beekeeping, Pintrest), my family (one-eyed dog, city chickens, hubbie and clan), my professional life (but not very much) and of course, the random stuff that happens to me.  Topic potluck, but that is who I am.

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