Reach & Read: Broken for You and On Walden Pond

Broken for You (S. Kallos): Combines some of my fave things – Holocaust stories, crafts, upcycling, Seattle, cowboys, metaphors, importance of family & reminds that it’s never too late. Intricate story with wonderfully developed characters; each of their stories woven into a great read with no loose ends. Con – if f-bomb offends you, it is used (purposefully). If this was a wine: Sharp and crisp with a long finish. Pairs well w/Earl Grey in your favorite tea cup.

On Walden Pond (Thoreau) – One would think this was penned today by a gluten free, off-the-grid vegan yuppie living in a teardrop. (Note: yes, sarcastic, but that’s the “hook”) but what was fetching were the powerfully parallel concepts, social issues & personal discoveries between 1850s & 2000s. Other than the veggie part (i like meat) Thoreau offers wonderful insight, provided intentions for yoga practice & affirmed why I enjoy homesteading & handmade hobbies. Complex yet comforting, like bacon wrapped bleu cheese dates.

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