Sweet Sixteen is Here – Peepstakes Madness

Peepstakes Madness – we are down to the Sweet Sixteen Name Peepstakes (ok, more like two dozen, but they were so gooood!!)  on the road to the Final Four (names) next week.  Be sure to vote, get your friends to vote and share share! There is a poll for EACH of the four hens…  Big Thank You to all who contributed to Hung’s Hen Harem’s name pot.

Chick # 1 – South Bracket031713_2214_NametheseCh2.jpg

Chick # 2 – Midwest Bracket031713_2214_NametheseCh3.jpg

Chick # 3 – The West031713_2214_NametheseCh4.jpg

Chick # 4 – The East 031713_2214_NametheseCh5.jpg

Get out and rock the vote. And remember, don’t show up to the game thinking your jersey’s going to win it for you…. and free throws win the game… That’s all I got. Can’t wait for the answers come Final Four next week.

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