Mend a Broken Purse – Lessons Learned from Korn (really)

One of the pieces put in the “Repair” pile during the big spring closet clean, was this great leather “shopper” bag from BR. Sadly it decided to come undone down one of the seams and rather than stitch it back up and certainly not get rid of, I decided to super glue it. Yes, Super Glue. Know why? Honey badger don’t care… J I knew it would be ok (and was ok if it wasn’t) and that I would use it more, not worrying that it would keep coming undone…. At this point, I would normally quote you some applicable song lyrics, but frankly, Korn just isn’t fitting with the whole schitck today.


I ended up putting in two stitches at the very top to tack it together while I put the glue in. Not easy, try to use the stitch holes that exist. Obviously you could just stitch this thing all the way back together. I think you will see why I didn’t pursue this….. When I applied the glue I just did a little dab so it didn’t run through. Repeated this a few times.

Works for me. Purse is back in rotation! Sure the back side doesn’t look the best, but again, better than a tear to me, and I could easily tie a scarf over it and dress it up.

Ok, so after saying that Korn just didn’t fit, I felt like I was just giving up too quick. How can I make a poignant correlation between Korn and Mending? Well, found it! Prepare to be moved deep down in your soul – imagine this purse, those favorite jeans of yours with holes, the jacket missing a button in the back your closet singing this song to you, to themselves, every night when they are alone…..

From Korn – Throw Me Away

Don’t let them throw me away!
Keep me and I’ll be okay!
Skipping a beat but it plays!
Don’t let them throw me away!
Don’t let them throw me away!

Screwed up, used up
Crumble lying on the floor
All you did back then was score
I’m feeling weak
Missing parts

Hold me up into the light
Fix the cracks and fix them right
Keep the pieces in the drawer
Keep them there forever more
May come in use for someday
Recycle this stuff in someway
And all that I have to say
Don’t let them throw me away

Now go tackle your mending pile!

2 thoughts on “Mend a Broken Purse – Lessons Learned from Korn (really)

  1. Haha, love this, I must try this method on my broken purses!! And you are right, I have a huge pile indeed of things to mend sitting in my closet (they are singing right now!)… I am not too sure if my boyfriend would trust me to superglue buttons on his favourite jeans though!! 😀

    1. Superglueing jeans pockets could make for a great April Fools joke…. I have had to repair some jeans for dear hubby, happy to dole out tips if you need them, especially if they sort of tore a tad. Go forth and mend!

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