Chicks – The Awkward Period or My life in Chicken Years

The Awkward Period, but hey, we have all been there….. some of us more than others, some may never leave (but that begs other issues.)

Watching my little hens grow up, rapidly, made me reflect on my own growing up, in particular the awkward times of days gone by and yet to come. I must say, that with my recent birthday, I am feeling like I am growing into myself finally, more completely. Sure I have had my act together for the most part, but more about increasing comfort in my own skin.

Hens live an average lifespan of anywhere from 1 to as much as 12, given the wide range of answers showing up on the internet. Obviously this is influenced by who/how is raising them and are they pets or protein (although they are delicate flowers at times – you lay an egg everyday and try not to stroke out), but if we go with a low/middle number of four years (and age of my oldest is right now approx.). Current CDC published human life expectancy in US is 78.7 years or how about 76 (so four divides it nicer) years. Some quick and fuzzy math reveals 1 chicken year equal to about 19 human years. So at seven months, they really get into laying eggs which is about 10-11 human years (about right for that “change”) and continue regularly through about 2 years (38 human years – again conveniently close to the next big “change”). My hens keep paying rent despite being more than 2 years old-less but still adequate. So, bringing it back to the original point – chicks have their awkward phase at about the same point in life we do, it just doesn’t drag on through middle school and high school… college….

So to make my point, I share endearing photos of Amelia, the Silkie. She is really making the most of it and not letting it get her down, although she is 1/3 of the size of everyone else and still mostly downy. She has good role models I suppose, lots of positivity (until we have to integrate the new with old girls….) While viewing, please hum the catchy tune “Ain’t nothin’ gonna to break my stride, Nobody’s gonna slow me down, oh-no I got to keep on movin'” (Matthew Wilder)

Now, for some self-deprecation – please, laugh! That is why I am sharing….. Here are some classic photos of moi. I asked my mom to send me some of the awkwardest photos that she has of me. Apparently, this request cause quite some concern, as she didn’t want to accidently send me something that I would have consider elegant, swan like, not ugly duckling. I didn’t even think about how my request would make others feel. Shame on me. However, she chose photos that are spot on! Also, to protect the innocent, my dear friends, I have blanked out their faces. Know though that they look waaaaay better than I.

Coolot Dance recital at the Elks Lodge, noodling at the Lake, Sophomore Year of Prom (great date, lots of fun), Kids Praise musical (this was confirmed by Mom, Biblical not Mary and Joseph….) Be sure to dig the perms and makeup because I sure did. Perms through my freshman year of college….

Feel free to share your awkwardness! It makes those bad hair days now, seem like nothing…..

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