Reach & Read: Skinny B*tch

Skinny B*tch – R. Freedman and K. Barnouin

Up front I must warn you this is at least rated PG-13 bordering on R (eyes of the beholder) and while I listened to the audiobook version, it would prooobably not be a good one to tune up in the car….. While there were quite a few funny laugh-out-loud moments in the beginning, the book is really about living a vegan-ista lifestyle and a big chunk is focused on food animal cruelty (a la PETA). I will not deny that there are practices taken in a silo which are pretty horrific and people should not be blind to where their food comes from (OWN CHICKENS!) but while disclaimed to not be preachy it did tend that way and lacked acknowledgement that we all live in a variety of contradictions (I do not recall leather handbags being chastised) and good healthy people can eat animal products. Nor do I think that the there isn’t conflict of interest and intense lobbying influencing what we and how we eat (hey, I am a pharmacist and deal with PhRMA daily).

“You are eating suffering, horror and murder. You are eating cruelty. You are what you eat. You cannot be thin and beautiful with a glowing complexion when you eat fear, grief and rage.” – Skinny Bitch

Umm, my hens are extremely happy on the most recent survey…. Happy hens happy eggs happy Megan

I think the first part of the book is all you need, funny before it gets old, hurtful. The first dose of blunt in your face dialogue is effective and informative and supports a more reasonable healthy lifestyle regardless of your animal consumption. Much more than that and it starts to get into your head and runs counter to their part of living a good yogi life. If you want to come up with a gaggle of new reasons to be restrictive in your diet, take the joy out of food and be fueled to get all high and mighty, this is the book for you. Or if this is what it takes for you to improve, even just a little, your health, then that is good, great even. Use those critical thinking skills, educate yourself and find your own path, mine is one that is circuitous and evolving as I evolve.

2 thoughts on “Reach & Read: Skinny B*tch

  1. Agree that the first part of this book is you all need, I read this book a few years back and after the chapter on Animal Cruelty I could not carry on with it, there are only a handful of books i have actually put down without finishing and this is one of them. Great review.

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