Reach & Read: Those Darn Squirrels and the Cat Next Door

Those Darn Squirrel and the Cat Next Door – By Adam Rubin, Illustrated Daniel Salmieri

So, this is definitely a different genre of book for more, seemingly out of character BUT I actually love children’s books. They make me laugh and make the best gifts (especially when paired with a great quilt). I can imagine if Mr. Mason Barky McPhearson wrote books, this is one he would right.

The human character opening this story is Mr. Fookwire, a real pie-hater, who has issues with crafty mischievous squirrels that come in through the mail slot and finish his crosswords. Then you meet Little Old Lady Hu (pretty sure she actually lives down the street from us). She is a top notch baker but owns a cat named Muffins, who, and I quote, “is a real jerk” but has Madam Hu snowed. Muffins is clearly the antagonist, but I am strangely drawn to him, given my intense dislike for a particular pair of squirrels that live in our yard. Muffins does some pretty dastardly things to the squirrels like wet willies, noogies and, best of all, wedgies. Note: squires don’t wear underpants but you can by some at Archie McPhee’s for them.

Moral of the story here other than don’t be a bully,squirrels are pesky and birds of many feathers can flock together. I still like Muffins and wish I had one for Beacon Hill Squirrel Patrol….

All in all – it’s a quick read with lots of fun words to say and hilarious squirrel, bird and cat hijinks. The illustrations are great and there are a lot of hidden humor and “i-spy” opportunities. If squirrels with wedgies offend you, this is not the book for you and you are a pie-hater too. Adam and Daniel have a whole series of squirrel drama books that I can’t want to collect and consume.

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