Selvedge to Bunting in No Time

Here is a quick, fun, easy and cute bunting you can make up with no sewing required. Selvage, Selvedge, scale up, scale down, long, short – you choose.

Make a pattern. I used a round tin, scrap poster board, sharpies, paper scissors and a quilting ruler

Trace your pattern onto the back side of fabric with a pencil. The point of this is to use the selvedge edges so that they don’t ravel, but there is no reason why you couldn’t use a cut edge and fold over and finish, leave raw, apply bias tape etc. You can see in this close up that will the pattern circles overlap (black lines) I straightened them and use this as a slit so it opens up nice (yellow line).

Cut it out! I love pinking shears but not required.

Hang it up! (maybe iron the fabric first, clearly I didn’t before this photo – I did when I was done and used some starch too)

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