How to lose 15 pounds (of fabric) in two weeks!

Yes, it is true; you too can lose 15 pounds of fabric in two weeks! Just set your mind on finishing your PhD (projects have done), UFO (unfinished objects) and random WIP (works in progress). My current PhD was two quilt tops and one unstarted kit of fabric starting to seriously languish.

Project #1 – Let the Sunshine In Quilt

This one has its own post with lots of details about the process but still required setting my mind to finish and sending it off to the long arm to complete the sandwich. This unloaded about seven pounds of fabric from my stash: top, back and binding. Pffew! King size effort!

Project # 2: Poppies Quilt

Confession – secretly I like to sing “I love it when you call me Big Poppy!” when thinking about this quilt (Biggie you left us too soon) but the other confession is that I have had this fabric for two years now, just sitting in my stash waiting for I-am-not-sure-what. Fabric was a birthday gift from my mom during our visit to the Sisters Quilt Show in Oregon. A MUST attend event for quilts and those that appreciate the fiber arts. The pattern is Shenadoh by Creative Sewlutions. Google it to see the many variations in fabric and color. Skys the limit.

The pattern is actually pretty simple, quick to assemble and a great way to showcase a big print. For me the hardest part was deciphering the cutting instructions. It is off at the quilts and when it returns will be set for our queen size guest bed. This one weighed in at about four pounds for the front, top and binding. In addition, the guilt of having it sit for so long AND not displaying a single quilt on any of our own beds. Shame on me…..

Look at the pretty poppy in my yard this spring!

Project # 3 – Daytime Strip Tease

This work of art also has a detail post but got hung up waiting for me to decide on final size, sewing a back and quilting it on my machine (just stitch in the ditch). I had contemplated cutting it up into smaller matching toddler quilts but decided to leave it whole and move on with life. Off to the long arm this went too. I was on roll and just wanted to be done. Quilting on my personal machine can be done but can also be quite the feat. Daytime Strip Tease was a real stash buster and not just because of the front but also the back. It is pretty darn scrappy and basically nothing on the back is on the front but in the end it all works out. And it’s still a quilt….if not more so. I used up some pieces left over from other projects and some that I like but am not sure where I would use them, especially if they were too big for a bow tie (think nuts and bolts, mother boards, Scotties etc). This quilt weighed in at about 4 pounds as well.

So, when facing that bin, box, room, household or pin board of unfinished or not even started projects, make some decisions

  • Get on with it and finish (or outsource to someone to finish), make it a special day or two weeks
  • Change course or repurpose
  • Toss, stuff a dog bed with or send to GoodWill
  • Be ok unpinning….

No matter what be honest with yourself, don’t be afraid to delegate (oooh, I say that at work too) and it will not reflect poorly on your awesomeness as a crafter.

You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take! (Thank you Wayne G!)

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