Reach & Read: Crazy Little Thing

Crazy Little Thing – By Tracy Brogan

I can’t even really tell you how this ends, so no spoiler risk, because I couldn’t finish it. I was just not that into it, found it predictable and destined for a Lifetime Movie special (I do like Lifetime, there is a time and place). I have started, stopped and finally stepped out of the competition at Chapter 8. I should have known it would end this way, when I had to read the opening sentence three times to make sense of it. It just didn’t flow right- a bit off.

“My husband had a talent for putting the dick in unpredictable, so I wasn’t entirely surprised to catch him at an office party with his hand up the skirt of a giggly, jiggly redhead. Or that he had mistletoe dangling from his belt buckle.”

[insert mental image of down hill]

From what I did read, I enjoyed the charismatic Aunt Dody, who contributed great one liners – e.g. “Pish Posh” and set the rest of the book up with foreshadowing in the form of Tarot cards. I am sure that Sadie and Tan Running Man McDreamy will hit it off in one way or another, with at least one detailed hook up and the gay supportive friend will help her feel better with a makeover but I can’t get over the clichés and word plays that litter majority of sentences. For some this might be just what they enjoy and need, I think it just entered my book line up at the wrong time.

Megan and Gin: I don’t mind cleaning with Pine-sol and love the forest, I tried to enjoy you gin, give you a few chances, tell myself it is the right thing to do, but alas, I am done trying and staying with vodka.

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