You can not unteach a dog tricks nor always foil them

Just an update for you loyal readers on the doggie door opening hijinks that unfolded in June. Read all the gorey detail here or view the quick amateur action footage.

Often times my posts contain tales and cheers for my mother-in-law. But today the accolades go to my father-in-law. MIL is out of town (AND WE RAN OUT OF BANANAS – here’s the inside joke) but the grand-dog-dad is still walking Mr. Mason during the day. I can only imagine how the situation played out.

Mason: looking nonchalant meeting Grandpa (FIL) at the front door, avoiding all body gestures that might direct vision towards the upstairs bedroom. Probably jumping around like a nincompoop and would whistle if he could….

Grandpa: totally clued into the dog’s not so sneaky ways (after all the door opening videos has international hits on You Tube) looks straight up the stairs at the gaping open door.

Grandpa: obviously gives Hubby and I the benefit of the doubt that we didn’t leave the door open, because the vacuum remains in its sentinel position.

Mason: still being a nincompoop.

Grandpa: raises his hand and proclaims in Mandarin – Eureka! Foam faucet covers must be dog proof. A small hole not mended in time will become a big hole much more difficult to mend.

Well, I sure hope so, cause it just keeps getting classier. Starting tomorrow, the vacuum will remain in its position (backed up against door, handle at the far end of door handle) and the foam cover attached. However, for every proverb, lies another.

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

He’s got all day to figure this one out… Do notice that he likely had already attempted to open the door after the enhancements, based on the rawhide “hiding” next to the vacuum.

” A teacher opens the door, but you must enter yourself.”

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