Lifeboat Thoughts: Ten Habits of Great Friends

Why share on my blog? Fight Inertia! Realizing the importance of relationships and that like everything else in life, you reap what you sow. This will also ensure a high level of accountability and internalization as I incorporate it into Odds & Hens. Not sharing because I am good at it, sharing because you deserve it.

What is Lifeboat? And I quote…. “Lifeboat is a movement of people rediscovering great friendships. We’re not a social network or app […] We’re about simple things that work […]for a better path forward.”

  • Get started: CHECKLIST, figuring out who would be in that floating boat
  • Goodies (like a video, manifesto)

Today: Ten Habits of Great Friends

No sense waxing poetic around the fact that there are some good habits out there to go and get. Maybe replace some bad habits? A great top ten list straight from the annals of Lifeboat.

  1. Go deep, not wide. It’s not the number of friends you have, it’s the quality of your relationships.
  2. Show some skin. Being vulnerable with your close friends increases trust, support and loyalty.
  3. Give 1% more. American adults spend only 4% of their time with friends (down from 30% as teens).
  4. Don’t Trust Fail. Every interaction is one that either builds or diminishes trust. Little things count.
  5. Break the inertia. We tend to gravitate towards people who are like us. Making purposeful decisions about who you seek out, why you seek them out and how you seek them out can make your friendships align more clearly with the person you want to be.
  6. Show up. Getting together with friends in adulthood can seem as complicated as launching a space shuttle.
  7. Initiate activities. Some friends tend to invite. Others tend to accept. If you are in the latter category, think about flipping the equation by initiating more activities.
  8. The Internet is not the easy button. The Internet is awesome. But make sure it enhances your relationships rather than replaces them.
  9. Be remarkable. Friendship should be fun. Plan a remarkable activity with each of your close friends annually.
  10. Tell them about it. Don’t take it for granted that your friends know how much they mean to you. Tell them.

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