Books in The Rear View: 2013

I really love graphs and reading and graphs about reading! This past year has been a great year for me on many levels, but one facet I am quite proud of is my blog. I posted more than 150 original entries this year on, as expected, a variety of topics: Coop to Craft. Hive to Home….. Among these ramblings are book reviews. I am not a literary genius or professionally trained reviewer (in case I had you fooled J) but I do love to read and always have. I also love competitions, and remember really plowing through the pages for childhood reading contests. Now, I must find the drive from within, and it is my commitment to you, my blog readers, casual or declared, that I share what I have read with a twist: either a wine-o foodie-esque quip, favorite quote, favorite moment or a life story tangent.

In case you missed a few, here is how 2013 shook out… I made a spread sheet so that I could royally over process the whole topic!

Total Books “For Fun”: 39


Total Pages: 10,195, average 349

Total Minutes: (audiobooks): 4,386 [73.1 hours]

Breaking it down…..

Bookworm social media stuff

  • Played around on Good Reads, Reading Room, Quora and reviews, #bookreview #fridayreads
  • …… but I think am settling in on my Book Review web page, limited Quora posting, hashtaggin’ and continuing to trial the Reading Room. Thoughts?
  • AND new in 2014….. Book Crossing!

Resolution: I hope to read 50 books in 2014!


What graced your 2013 reading list? What book are you reading right now to start 2014 on the best page?

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