Reach & Read: All Things Bright and Beautiful

Things Bright and
Beautiful By James Herriot – a book review
and Beautiful is the second book in the charming series by James
Herriot. In the Spring of 2013, I read his All Creatures Great and
Small. Here is its
– the best part was sharing the experience with my
grandmother. Bright and Beautiful does not disappoint and is full
of the same endearing animal stories. I will say that I didn’t have
the laugh out loud moments in this book, but enjoyed getting more
into the interpersonal aspects of Mr. Herriot’s life. It was also
intriguing to read about the introduction of modern medicine and
old farmer remedies. The things we take for granted today, yet also
still have in terms of conflict and convictions. The most memorable
vignette is the tale of the lard and the piccalilli. Piccalilli is
like chow-chow, sauerkraut or maybe relish. A pickled preserve
design to dress up just about anything or at least make it
palatable. You CAN bet (pun intended) I will be making a batch
inspired by Mr. Herriot for sure. Prepare to have your heart
strings tugged, a few tears, some chuckles, a few sentences you
have to read twice to get the gist of what they are saying
(“lingo”) and maybe even some hunger pains as there are some
delightful food scenes. Enjoy! If I didn’t have half a mind, Mr.
Herriot’s words are inspiring enough for me to go to veterinary
school…. But alas, I would need a time machine to truly match the

Cecil Francis Alexander’s poem

things bright and beautiful, All creatures great and small, All
things wise and wonderful, The Lord God made them all.

book has been released into the wild via Book
. Follow its travels by looking
its BCID: 642-12409927.

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