Preserving the Strawberry Bounty: How to Hull a Strawberry

Sure, I could have titled this post Strawberry Fields Forever, but it just seems so obvious… I recently was unsupervised out at Bolles Farm, near Monroe Washington, (aka berry picking with a group of co-workers sans hubs) and returned with sixteen pounds of organic strawberries.  Sure two of them were “for the MIL” but the rest were for mi casa. Besides, I have a new canning book to try out: Topp & Howards: Small-Batch Preserving and a hankering for balsamic strawberry anything. Note: this post is “nothing to get hung about”(double pun) but stay tuned for each of the tastelicious recipes. Scroll down to enjoy some snapshots and learn a simple DIY strawberry hulling hack that will make life infinitely easier and save you $6.29. What is U-Pick Strawberries all about? My partner in jam-crime crafted the perfect post about it…..

Preparing the Harvest Plan

  • Frozen Whole Berries: Three gallons of whole washed berries tucked away in the deep freeze for the dark winter months. Wash, pat dry, place in a single layer on a cookie sheet covered with wax or parchment papers. After a few hours in the freezer, you can lump them into larger ziplock bags, without fear of creating a berry brick
  • Organic Strawberry Balsamic Sauce (helloooo, cheese cake!)
  • Strawberry Vinegar (endless applications)
  • Sunshine Strawberry Jam (“new” old way to make a simple jam or spread)
  • 50 Mile Strawberry Fruit Leather (yup, all three ingredients from within 50 miles)

How to Hull a Strawberry

For a quick, no-new-gadget-please technique to hull strawberries quickly, use a plastic drinking straw. Simply poke the straw from the tip of the berry all the way through, popping the green top right off. Yep, that’s it. Don’t bother buying a fancy strawberry huller or toiling with a paring knife. You just toss the straw when you are done!

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