Beaded Statement Necklace – H&M Makeover

I always keep my eyes peeled for statement necklaces, I suppose you could say they are my ‘thing’. Jazzing up basic objects does not have to be complicated or require much beyond glue, courage and some bits and baubles. This beaded necklace took me all of about an hour to make, longer for glue to try and cost probably less than $10. I picked up the silver necklace at H&M about 2 years ago and the seed beads I have had for years, a yard sale treasure scored by my mother.


  • Choose you jewelry item to shazzam up. Make sure it is clean and make any needed repairs to the chains, clasps etc. This necklace has a smooth front but the back side has a slight indent/recess making it perfect to fill; hence, I actually wear this necklace backwards. Oh well! I am the only one that knows the clasp is on the other side.
  • Initially my plan was to place cut-to-fit fabric scraps and epoxy in each of the shapes but decided to go with supplies on hand. Enter my big bag o’beads. Such vibrant colors! With a black summer patio party dress in mind, I narrowed down my colors and decided to go for regal red and purple theme, with tan, dark brown and maroon accents.

  • I filled the shape with clear craft glue, but epoxy, clear nail polish and other clear drying substances would work as well. You just need something to fix the beads to the jewelry shape.
  • Using tweezers, toothpicks, pins, patience and a steady hand, I began to randomly place the beads into the shape. I kept some on the string while placing for ease and also turned some on their side or stacked a few on top for interest and dimension. No rules about color placement but I tried to make each shape feature a different color but all have some of each present. Complete one shape at a time.
  • I put a thin layer of clear glue over the top to ensure that all the beads were secure. Let it dry!

  • Wear, enjoy and bask in the pride (and likely a few compliments) that you will experience.


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