Glittering Golden Birthday Party Ideas

We hosted a 40th 29th birthday for a dear friend, D, who is all things glittering and gold. With a fall party, creating the golden decorations started the house off nicely for holiday decorating, building up from Thanksgiving through the New Year. In a few weeks, the Christmas tree will be up and all in gold, with perhaps some orange accents, but there is still time to finalize [last year’s theme =red and gray].  All of these ideas are simple, great for beginners and would work well for weddings, anniversaries, holidays  and just because. Try out other metallic colors, such as copper, themes such as Pretty in Pink or all shades of blue or yellow for a baby shower.


  • Craft paint and brushes
  • Spray paint and spray glitter
  • Mod Podge or glue
  • Pinecones
  • Feathers
  • Twigs
  • Random things that are crying out for a gold paint job
  • Mini pumpkins or decorative gourds, real or real fake
  • Vacuum, because you are going to have glitter all up in your house.

Decoration Ideas

  • Great glittering gold gourd name cards!!! AKA gold and glitter painted mini pumpkins in orange and white. Paint the top, bottom or whole thing. Dress up with ribbon and simple stamped name tags.

  • Simple sparkly table runner DIY
  • Pinecones spray painted with two different metallic golds and also spray glitter over some white ones from last year ( I ❤ pinecones). You can also just put glitter on the tips of a natural brown pinecone, using glue and a paint brush. Put them in baskets, purposefully arranged, in apothecary jars, bowls or glue on some wire and hang.

  • Golden birds – in expensive or thrift shop ceramic birds ( or unicorns or whatever) spray painted and/or coated in ModPodge and glitter.

  • Golden bird cage and candle stick holders – again, just spray painted objects on hand or from a thrift shop. I put a tea cup and air plant inside the bird cage. It was a little large for the table but is now featured in side, versus buried in garage.

  • Gold dipped feathers – each hand painted, one of kind, tucked in with the gold branches. You could also work this into folded napkins. Black feathers with gold paint turned out great as well. And I am sure any paint color would work. For these I used acrylic craft paint, brushes and for glitter ModPodge. Get sturdy feathers, not fluffy downy ones. For a few I dipped into paint but thenhad to brush off the excess. For most painted using various brushes and two tones of gold.

  • Gold initial – I scored an already gold painted D, but it would be easy to paint a letter from a craft store.

  • Glittering votive made from jars, tea lights and boring glass votives. Apply ModPodge where you want glitter and go for it. I applied glitter to the outside of the cheap tea lights and then put them in the votives, easy way to dress up and not permanent.

  • Gold Christmas ornaments, such as stars, balls etc
  • Gold and/or glittery twigs – watch at the holidays for premade versions on great sales, or make your own a la nature.

Aerial Shot

Action shot with plenty of things are that supposed to be in a perfectly positioned blog photo J, like me, a random coffee mug, misplaced paper napkins and messy counters. You can see just a bit of the Middle Eastern food we had catered by Project Feast though.

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