Day 1 of #Giveit100 Project: aka Rhymes with Bee

Reading List great baby books

A few of our favorite reads right now.

There is no shortage or reading, singing or talking in our house with Baby Bee around but I came across the Give it 100 project and thought this would be a fun way to capture Bee McQT over the course of time and work our way through the tomes of books, especially fun poetry collections he has been generously gifted. So far I enjoy reading the rhymes as they move along, and Bee seems to like the rolling sounds/inflections and isn’t yet searching for that ‘hidden mouse’ or naming off all the colors he sees. Some baby books have such great pictures but are a tad boring to read right now without the reciprocal interaction. It has also been a while since I have posted a Reach & Read book review, and think that this just might replace that space in the blog. Stay tuned.

In short: 10 second videos of my ‘project’ for a 100 days and you can follow it on or my instagram feed #giveit100 #rhymeswithbee but I will link the full video of each poem or book. I am working on beefing up my instagram so be patient and do not fret that it doesn’t look like the website just yet.

I’ve Lost my Hippopotamous by Jack Prelutsky – Read by Mother Megan March 22, 2015

A few Favorite books (but there are so many: Llama Llama, Big Red Barn, Mother for Choco …..)

  • I’ve Lost my Hippopotamus
  • Little Blue Truck
  • Father Fox’s Penny Rhymes
  • Good Night Montana
  • Follow the Moon
  • Little Pea (and oink and hoot)

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