From Scrootches to Spinach to Saturday! First Seven days of Give It 100!

That is 7% for those of you that showed up for the math portion of my blog…. Bee and I are having a great time reading poems together and are 7 days into our 100 day challenge. A few days we have read more than one – once you get started it can be hard to spot, especially when he starts to squawk along.  We read mostly poems but also included the book Little Pea in honor of National Spinach Day this past week.  We have also read some poems that I am not so sure about the message (day 4 alternate – Tiger who wore white gloves; tiger is shamed out of wearing them….) but filed away for later when it is time to talk about such topics. For now we like the fun sounds and Bee has joined in. Have you joined Give It 100 yet?  Feel free to share poem ideas with us!

Day 7: 

Day 6: Scritchy Scratchy Scrootches – a tongue yoga detox class

Day 5: 

Day 4: Knitted Things – this is s fun crafty one!

Day 3: Big Red Barn

Day 2: The Fish are in the Treetops

Day 1! – I Lost My Hippopotamus

Getting ready to read – also joining the #nomakeupselfie movement (aka last day of maternity leave!)  I post almost daily on istragram with 10 second teaser (and other randomness) or join me over at


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