Nut Butters – Almond, Pecan and Walnut! Oh My!

I love nut butter – peanuts? yes please! almond? Over here! But I recently tried making a batch of pecan and a batch of walnut. Now the big decision, is which nut butter to spread on my toast?

Nut butters are very easy to make at home and are a sure fire way for you to know EXACTLY was is in (or not) your spread. Nuts and a pinch of salt (if you like). Get a bit crazy and whirl in some honey.

What you need

  • Raw or roasted nuts
  • Sea salt
  • Food processor, spatula
  • about 10 – 15 minutes
  • Maybe ear plugs if your food processor sounds like a jet engine (as does mine – since upgraded)

How to

  • Put the nuts, whole is fine, into the food processor.
  • Turn on the food processor and let it whirl, swirl and pulverize away.
  • You likely need to stop it every few minutes to scrape down the sides.
  • Keep processing until it is the consistency you desire. Plan on about 10 minutes but watch as each nut and batch size will vary.
  • Add a pinch of salt, mix it in. Taste and add more if you like.
  • Scoop into containers, maybe enjoy a spoonful.
  • Nut butters keep just fine in a jar at room temperature. I made sure when filling the container to push out air bubbles.
  • Enjoy!

DIY nut butter

Almond butter is a staple, the walnut was good but I think next time i will roast the walnuts first as there was a slight bitterness. Pecan butter was the big surprise – it becomes spreadable really quickly (compared to almonds) and the taste has a lot more depth. After it sat for a few days some of the oil separated, which i poured off (you don’t have too), but it was still perfectly spreadable.

Starting my day off with a banana and pecan butter  toast!
Starting my day off with a banana and pecan butter toast!

Here is a great almond butter treat recipe! No Bake Almond Apricot Chocolate Cookies  Do you have a favorite nut butter recipe or variation?  Those pistachios in my pantry better watch out….

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