Toddler Ribbon Bowties DIY

Ribbon and Fabric mini-bowtie tutorial

This tutorial is for quick and simple toddler or mini-sized bowties. I like the contrast of the ribbon, setting it apart from other ties. Using ribbon, snaps and scraps of fabric – I made these up as fun shower favors.  You could even put them on your pet or use elastic instead of ribbon and make headbands. They are easiest to sew with a sewing machine but you could stitch all by hand, just less quick.



  • Fun fabric about 8 1/2 inches by 6 inches
  • Ribbon lengths, I used 5/8 (preferred), 1/2 inch and one with 1 inch wide grosgrain
  • Snaps or velcro
  • Needle and thread
  • Scissors


  • Cut your fabric into 8 1/2 by 6 inch rectangles.


  • Fold in half, wrong sides together the long-way.
  • Sew with a 3/8 inch seam (or along the presser foot edge). Pick a width really, just be consistent.


  • Turn right side out and press with the seam down the middle (not the edge. this is the ‘back’.


  • Fold in half match up raw edges. The seam will be on the outside.
  • Sew again 1/2 inch. Turn the fabric so that the raw edge you just sewed is on the inside. Press.


  • Using needle and thread (i used doubled up thread), make a running stitch with a big knot on the end so you can pull and gather up the fabric. This stitch goes just long side the seam.


  • Before cutting thread, pull and gather fabric up a bit. This helps give the bow its shape. Once you have it gathered to your liking, wrap the extra thread around the pinched part and tie off the thread.


  • Cut an approximately three inches length of ribbon to sew around the middle of tie. This covers up the gathers. I do like to finish my raw grosgrain edges really quickly with a lighter or fray check.

IMG_9523 IMG_9524

  • Measure and cut the ribbon to make the neck portion. Choose a length to fit the neck it is intended for (child, adult, dog etc). I cut 18 inches which was plenty more than I needed for a bunch of 2T little people but I prefer it to be loose on them.
  • Thread it through the middle ribbon loop you attached to the tie.


  • Affix snaps or velcro. I used up some white plastic snaps I had on hand, placing two for sizing options. You could also use actually bowtie hooks and clasps. I hate sewing velcro.

IMG_9526 IMG_9527



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