Bow ties make everything better

In 2012, a dear friend asked if I would sew a dozen bow ties for a New Year’s celebration. Challenge was accepted and I have never looked back, many scores of ties later. What started out just as an opportunity to sew something new and hack a pattern has really evolved into a unique way to engage with people and create special ties for them. While my hubs definitely flaunts the largest (and endless) bow tie collection, many of course, created to match moi, I thought I would share some snapshots of others I have created. It’s a mish-mash of photos at various stages in the process and if you look closely an evolution too. I love engaging with folkx to create the perfect set of bespoke bow ties via my Etsy shop. (Yes it is a bit bare beyond bow ties but such is life.)

Highlights of the New Years Eve 2012 Collection – the genesis.

I managed to not have a photo of the final party collection but this is a great example of the importance of scale in selecting a fabric print.

Sometimes I will name the ties (which probs reveals more about me!)



Tie and pocket square set donated to charity auction – Moda 30s repro fabric


One of my favorites to work on – father and son ties for blended family wedding
Screen Shot 2020-01-29 at 10.33.57 AM
A variety of ties over the years: Spy the sushi (Halloween costume accessory), nod to the Year of the Rooster, tiny dinos, bridesmaid dress fabric and embroidered crabs.
R Studio Ties
The largest order (20! Lean nerd too) featuring a refreshed pattern to accommodate the design and fabric weight. Conference swag and gifts for friends in the R-Community. I will always love a hexagon.


Process Snapshot
Process Snapshots: Fabric selection, swatch cards, pressing and shaping etc




Accessories and Ties for Littles
Bow ties for littles and some matching accessories

Link to the toddler ribbon bow ties tutorial!






Screen Shot 2020-01-29 at 10.27.11 AM
Another one of my most favorite custom orders – wedding bow tie out of their mother’s vintage wedding dress.
50 Shades of Paul
That time in 2013 I made silky ascots.





My favorite bow tie model and customer!

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