Pressure Cooker Recipes

I am really loving my All American Pressure cooker (thank you hubs for the awesome Christmas gift!). Quite a few people have asked for recipes that I enjoy in the pressure cooker and I am falling behind in posting about them and don’t want the blog to be too overrun with food. Here is a collection of links or snapshots of dishes I make, maybe a quick synopsis and photos. Please comment and share your recipes as well.


  • Beer Braised Pork Belly from  [amaze-balls good! #sorrynotsorry that the photo isn’t awesome]


  • Thai Green Chicken Curry With Eggplant and Kabocha Squash from  [with this one I found the Thai Kitchen green curry in a jar boring and not very curry-isa or spicy and will not use that brand again]

Recipes adapted from Great Big Book Pressure Cooker book by Weinstein & Scarbrough

** This is a book that you will want a hard copy version of to jot your own notes and try all the recipes. This is my affiliate link for Amazon. Visit for more information about them.**


  • Short Ribs Braised in Saffron and Olives: used tomato instead of peppers, fresh herbs vs. dry and bone in ribs. One of our favorites, yet no photo. hmmm.. 🙂


  • Pork Carnitas: so many recipes for this out there but this one was tasty and not dry. Followed as written, mostly.
  • Pork Ribs with Mediterranean Spices: used country style ribs, about 2 pounds. Serve with sriracha
  • Sausage or Chicken Kale and Pasta Casserole: i added a pound of kale (weight before destemming) and the recipe could handle more if you need or want to use a lot up; I used can crushed san marzano tomatoes not diced, added a cup of sliced mushrooms about 1.25 pounds chicken breast that I salted and peppered (instead of sausage); and added fresh basil at the end with some parmesan cheese. Definitely use whole wheat pasta. It was just the right texture. I couldn’t find a cubanelle so added green bell pepper during cooking and chili pepper flakes at the end to individual bowls.
  • Ground Lamb Stew with Sweet Potatoes, Leeks and Dried Apricots: this is tasty and hearty, could use less meat potentially and still be amazing. I also added 3 sliced carrots and will omit almonds the next time or sprinkle them on top before serving vs. during cooking.
  • Buttery Curried Red Kidney Beans: this makes a lot of beans and they didn’t turn as creamy per se but still tasty. I think i might need to soak even longer or cook longer to get curried. I actually used these beans first as a side, then drained on top of salad and to use them up in some quick enchiladas that clean out the fridge!
  • Herbed Mashed Potatoes: super easy and quick. Slice potatoes in half or quarter if really big, place in pressure cooker, cover with water so that they are about an inch submerged. Heat to high pressure for 6 minutes. Let pressure release using quick method. Drain out water and potatoes. Mine were falling apart. In the pressure cooker add some olive oil or butter, add garlic for about 1 minute and add the fresh herbs all minced up: rosemary, sage, thyme, oregano etc.  Cook the garlic and herb for a quick minute until fragrant, add back in potatoes, turn heat off or down to simmer. and start mashing with a wood spoon, masher or if still pretty chunky you could do a mixer. Add in either some milk or yogurt (used goat milk yogurt) and pinch of salt and fresh cracked pepper. Mix up and serve!


To be continued – this post will be updated as new recipes are tried and approved for repeat table appearance.


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