Toddler Tried It: Bread in a Bag

Have you seen the video in your newsfeed about making bread in a bag with your kids from Leigh Anne over at Well, we tried it and it was a success. Save for the age-appropriate (18 month) yet periodic and unexpected emotional outbursts of unknown origin – the baking show went on.

Granted kneading isn’t yet in my sous-chef’s motor skill (or patience) wheelhouse. He did help scoop the flour into measuring cup (must teach best practices early), help dump flour in bag and then mix it up (three stages). Of course there was flour flung and dough eaten – but that is the fun part. I am a messy baker and cook and I like it that way.

This makes a simple white bread that made for a warm tasty vehicle for jam and also honey and butter. The recipe makes two perfect mini loaves of bread.

Thank you Leigh Anne!



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