Bowl-y Bugs – Toddler Art Activity DIY

Another fun, quick and easy toddler art activity – bowl-y bugs. Not a specific insect per se, but you could certainly do red and black lady bugs, yellow and black bees but I really like letting my little guy chose his own colors and be creative.


  • Paper bowls or plates
  • google eyes
  • pipe cleaners (or fuzzy sticks now a days)
  • paint
  • paint brush or sponges
  • scissors, glue, tape


  • Poke holes in the top (aka bottom) of bowl for antennae (future step) with a pen or scissor blade. You can also make holes after painting but I found this a little harder to do.
  • Paint the bowl upside down. I did use a little blue tape to affix it to table so it didn’t slip around while being painted, aggressively at a times. Mix or layer colors, add stickers, such as dots etc. This is the fun part!
  • Glue or stick on google eyes.
  • Cut pipe cleaners, bend them into your favorite antennae shape and insert into holes.
  • Try to contain yourself (or small ones) while they dry.  They can be stacked, turned into a story, taped on the fridge (bug attack!) or made into hats. Share photos if you make any.
  • When done, pull off the eyes and antennae and compost or recycle!

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