Candy Cane Christmas Trees

Need a quick maybe even last minute holiday treat for school? These candy cane trees are simple, only a few supplies needed and the kids can definitely help or maybe do all themselves. Have a little more time – embellish them with glitter, sequins, poms etc.  I just free-handed a quick tree on a piece of junk mail. You could also let the kids color and decorate plain white copier paper and then cut out tree shapes.


  • tree pattern (just draw a simple one, even triangle)
  • scissors
  • candy canes
  • glue or double stick table
  • optional, star paper punch
  • paper, I used lightweight scrap book paper

Simply, trace and cut out the tree shape and, if using, a star shape (or use star stickers or sequins). Make two parallel cuts in the approximate middle of the tree. Glue on the star, decorate the tree and then put in the candy cane. Add a holiday message to the back and it’s ready to gift.

My newly minted four year old helped glue the stars. But he ran out of attention and I ran out of time to decorate much more but am pleased with how they turned out.

Merry Christmas!

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