Knitted Wall Hanging Project

My Grandma Mac taught me to knit almost two decades ago (umm, wow, hadn’t done that math till now) and my technique is more English or throwing but with more useless motion and a funky hold on the needles but it works and thus no learn-how-to-knit tutorials from me. My chosen knitting projects fall in to the more simple/repetitive category that allow me to relax into the stitching and enjoy the feel of the yarns and slow reveal of the resulting product. This wall hanging (Debrosse The Les Cayes pattern) has been a great pattern to work through some partial skeins of Cascade wool in my stash (which is respectable although pales in comparison to fabric stash). It is knit with either bulky weight or in this case two strands of worsted weight yarn, which create additional design options. Using size 10.5 needles and a garter stitch it works up quickly. After creating the tassels and hanger loop, I blocked the pennant. I love Debrosse’s minimalist modern knitting style and also wanted to try adding some more textural elements to a few of them, changing the style.

Pieces of ‘flare’ – using bits and baubles on hand like felt scrap flowers, pine cones, wool beads etc. And if I am being honest, these also cover up where the yarn hanger ties to dowel. There is also a crochet version in her Les Cayes pattern collection with baubles and it is on my list as I work on crochet skills this winter. I’ll list my finished wall hangings in my Etsy shop as they are completed and could likely be convinced to knit up custom versions as well.

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