Pressure Cooker Recipes

I am really loving my All American Pressure cooker (thank you hubs for the awesome Christmas gift!). Quite a few people have asked for recipes that I enjoy in the pressure cooker and I am falling behind in posting about them and don’t want the blog to be too overrun with food. Here is a […]

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This week’s food inspiration: fresh, mostly local

beet carrot radish salad coriander

My garden is not going gangbusters but I am enjoying a new CSA we are trying this summer, Growing Washington. Having so  many colors and options to play with makes the peak of summer a great time to prepare food. Mixed in you might also find ways to integrate food from the larder to make way for […]

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Rhubarb Dream Bars

Pin this dreamy dessert as it uses a lot of rhubarb in one dish – 4 to 5 cups if you don’t mind. What makes it dreamy? That is for you to decide…. Sweet and tangy rhubarb tops a shortbread like crust. You could easily add walnuts or coconuts or even berries to the mix […]

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Chocolate Mousse – Aquafaba-u-lous

Decadent Chocolate Mousse: Aquafaba is the secret allowing this dessert to be vegan, dairy free, egg-free or just a fun treat to make. #magicbeanbrine

I love weekends! The little bit extra time to putter in the kitchen is truly enjoyed. This weekend I attempted my maiden aquafaba voyage. Aquafaba is basically chickpea or garbanzo bean brine from the can discovered by a likely desperate-for-meringue-egg-allergic-genius. The history of aquafaba still contains more mystery and legend than fact. But there is science […]

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Flaky Buttery Sweet Baklava Recipe

Baklava for breakfast this morning! Do not be intimidate by the thin flaky layers. Baklava is pretty simple to assemble when using a quality pre-made phyllo dough. Use a combination of your favorite nuts, raw or toasted. I like walnuts and pistachios the best. If using salted nuts, do not use salted butter (but I […]

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Forbidden Black Rice Pudding: Pressure Cooker Recipe

Happy Lunar New Year! This year’s celebratory dessert was the product of many firsts. First time cooking black forbidden rice, first dessert in the (new) pressure cooker and first batch of rice pudding. The result was a warm, comforting, lightly sweet, simple yet crowd pleasing dessert. This doubles easily, if your pot is big enough, and […]

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