DIY Sensory Mat Tutorial – Bits Baubles Glittery Goop

contents blue baby oil glitter sensory mat pompoms rubber bands beads foodsaver sealed giant google eyes

Plenty of tutorials out on the inter webs for sensory mats, so nothing too revolutionary here BUT what makes this one different is I used my food saver to seal in the gloopy glittery beautiful mess. Nothing wrong with just sealing and taping a zip locking bag or ironing to seal but using the food […]

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Glittering Golden Birthday Party Ideas

We hosted a 40th 29th birthday for a dear friend, D, who is all things glittering and gold. With a fall party, creating the golden decorations started the house off nicely for holiday decorating, building up from Thanksgiving through the New Year. In a few weeks, the Christmas tree will be up and all in […]

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