Reach & Read: The Third Son

Book Review: The Third Son by Julie Wu

Not your average 1940s Japanese story (if there is one). Begins in 1943, World War II, not from the perspective of Japanese internment camps rather air strikes in occupied Taiwan right before it was handed over to the Chinese National Army. As you may guess, being the third son is not a glamorous thing, and in Saburo’s case this is definitely true. Short end of the stick for everything except discipline. However, he is smart determined boy with strong moral compass and tongue at times. Yoshiko, the co-star of the book, enjoys a much more fulfilling family life, not without struggles. The two meet by chance as schoolchildren dawdling home after class, then are caught unaware in an airstrike. From this point on, their relationship becomes central to the story line with them reuniting, in all places, a pharmacy. It seems the more I live and do and read the more connections I find with books. Who would have thought a pharmacy could be the spot to find romance… oh wait, that is what I did. Hee hee….. I won’t spoil the book this time, just know that you will hope rooting for the good guy pays off and be prepared feel a little let down, as this book is from a realist’s perspective. Julie Wu does a great job illustrating that there is hope that even if you family messed up the nurture portion, there is good nature in all of us, somewhere.

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