Red Wine & Rosemary Jelly Recipe

The easiest jelly I have ever made and an ingenious way to use up wine sauce from my favorite poached pear canning recipe:

Inspired by a NY Times posting. You can follow their recipe or make up the poached pears, then use the remaining wine sauce with cinnamon, add about two tablespoons powdered pectin for every 2 cups of liquid, splash of lemon juice (for good canning luck) and some herbs. Taste and see if sweet enough for you but in my expereince after the pears lolled around in the liquid there was additional sweetness. For herbal notes, I used rosemary (add a couple 3-5 inch sprigs and remove when done before pouring in jars), as that is what I had on hand fresh, but sage or thyme would be delightful too. I do plan on making champagne and white wine versions and maybe brighten up with basil or mint. Process in a hot water bath using your best canning technique for 10 minutes!

I love this spread on a fine cracker with a sharp white cheddar or other stout cheese. I think it will also make an appearance on meat, with a charcuterie
plate and for sure the thanksgiving table. Use small jars as a little bit will go a long way

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