Red Wine, Madras Curry, Tandoori and Rosemary – Four New Perfect Pear Jam Flavors


I have a generous Asian pear tree that each year delivers me several bushels of fruit.  My go to recipes to preserve are poached, jammed, dried and sauced but I love to play with spices and flavor combinations. Last year the new jam flavors were red wine, madras curry, tandoori and rosemary. Rosemary was the all around winner, the madras curry came in close second and the red wine was a great way to use remaining wine sauce from my poached pear recipe. I also make a vanilla pear spread by swirling in vanilla bean paste.

I make a large batch of the basic pear jam/spread and then divide it out into smaller portions in either a bowl or sauce pan if you need to keep warm. Now you can add the spice or flavors to taste, starting with a small amount (maybe a teaspoon per four cups) and adding more as needed based on taste.  I use the small half-pint jars which are great for gifting.  For the rosemary pear, I used sprigs, put them in the sauce whole and let it simmer for a while to to infuse flavors (taste after a while). I then remove the full sprigs, spoon jam into jars and placed some diced rosemary needles on the top before finishing the canning process.


What flavors should I try this summer?


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