Have a Merry Red & Gray Holiday: Pine Cone Decor

Staying true to our Christmas theme of red, gray and white, here are a couple ideas for decorating your table and another ornament idea, all featuring the color scheme and PINE CONES! Pinecones fall into the category of “round things that you set around the house”, despite not being spherical. Hubs knows that if I see a cute “round thing” chances are it is coming home with us. He doesn’t fight it anymore. Pinecones remind me of my roots too….

In case you missed all this red, gray and white madness, here are two previous posts.

Pinecone Decorations: great to strategically toss (read: calculated and obsessive arrangement) in a basket as a centerpiece or wire onto Christmas tree


  • Pine cones, ponderosa are my favorite
  • Spray Paint in theme colors
  • Spray glitter
  • Wire or hot glue and ornament hooks if you want to hang them

Simple! Just spray paint (outside, up wind, on cardboard) the pine cones. For some of them I hit them from all angles and other I just spray from straight above to mimic “snow”, leaving some natural brown to be visible. Once dry you can spritz on the spray glitter.

I have these adorable wire baskets with lids that I set up a diorama of shorts using some oversized snowflake ornaments and bird decorations (put a bird in it!). I used long torn strips of fabric to weave and add more accent color.

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