DIY Sensory Mat Tutorial – Bits Baubles Glittery Goop

contents blue baby oil glitter sensory mat pompoms rubber bands beads foodsaver sealed giant google eyes

Plenty of tutorials out on the inter webs for sensory mats, so nothing too revolutionary here BUT what makes this one different is I used my food saver to seal in the gloopy glittery beautiful mess. Nothing wrong with just sealing and taping a zip locking bag or ironing to seal but using the food […]

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Day 1 of #Giveit100 Project: aka Rhymes with Bee

Reading List great baby books

There is no shortage or reading, singing or talking in our house with Baby Bee around but I came across the Give it 100 project and thought this would be a fun way to capture Bee McQT over the course of time and work our way through the tomes of books, especially fun poetry collections […]

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Baby Prints : Crafts to do to your baby!

For our first arts and crafts time together, Bee and I made Valentine’s day cards and some fun baby prints. IMHO nothing is reeeeaaaalllly off limits (ok a few things) – hands, feet, fingers, buns, ears, bellybutton, nose – pretty sure at some point these will all be memorialized at our house. Whatever you choose […]

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Simple DIY Glider Slipcover Tutorial – Refashion Your Rocker

I was gifted this wonderful wooden glider from my Buy Nothing Project group. (check them out). As we move around the baby swag to┬áthe most convenient location for the ‘phase,’ the glider ended up down in our family room. With a few stains (yes a quilt could cover and did), I decided to have it […]

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DIY Dapper Onsies : dress up a baby wardrobe staple

First – let me say, Odds & Hens has not gone nor forgotten its readers. Thank you for the continued traffic to the site during a brief hiatus. Never fear – this post is ushering in a a whole new set of blog inspiration. The hubs and I are new parents! Our dear Baby BeeMcT […]

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Baby Royalty Quilt Tutorial

Fit for royalty and inspired by a soon to enter the world Baby Girl King, I designed this simple but darling baby quilt featuring a sparkly crown and soft modern tones. The pattern is simple with the most challenging part being choosing your color and drawing the crown. This can easily be made with a […]

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